Landscaping in Chevy Chase, MD

Guardians provides high-quality, affordable landscaping solutions in Chevy Chase, Maryland and the surrounding area. Guardians is passionate about keeping your property beautiful, well-manicured, and healthy. At Guardians, we are dedicated to keeping our service scientific, friendly, and safe.

As a full-service landscaping company, Guardians provides many services, including regular lawn maintenance, landscape installations, insect and disease control, and restorations. If you live in Chevy Chase, MD, contact us today to schedule an appointment.


At Guardians Complete Land Care, we take customer satisfaction seriously. To ensure your property is beautiful, safe, and well-tended, we offer the below services. If you do not see a service you need listed, contact us today to learn more about how Guardians Complete Land Care can help.

Landscaping Service


There is a science to professionally manicured lawns and landscapes. From mowing and mulching to landscape designs and installations, Guardians’ landscaping services can help any property become the envy of the neighborhood.

Landscaping Service

Plant Health Care

When partnered with a master arborist, a PHC program can identify potential problems and provide preventative solutions. A plant health care (PHC) plan is uniquely tailored to fit your property, taking into account seasonal changes, soil types, sunlight, plant species and more. A comprehensive plant health care program, like those provided by Guardians Complete Land Care, will keep your property healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Landscaping Service

Tree Care

Insect infestations and disease can be devastating to trees and homes. Termites, mold and bacteria are just the start. Call Guardians Complete Land Care to perform a professional test and evaluation of your property to diagnose any potential threats.

Neighborhoods Served in Chevy Chase, MD

Chevy Chase, MD has a lot to offer. Straddling the area between Montgomery County, MD and Washington, D.C., Chevy Chase is primarily made up of residential villages and shopping districts that come together collectively to form a community. Our services are available to all of Chevy Chase, MD, including, but not limited to, neighborhoods like Rollingwood, Kenwood and Chevy Chase Village.

Landscaping Service


The winding roads of Rollingwood border the scenic views offered by Rock Creek Park. Charming and shaded from the public eye, these properties often include towering hardwood trees. Guardians Complete Land Care can help keep those majestic trees healthy and beautiful.

Landscaping Service


Nationally, Kenwood is best known for the 1,200 Yoshino cherry trees that blossom every April. Residents enjoy the many organized community events that help bring them together throughout the year. Manicured yards give this neighborhood a stately communal feel.

Landscaping Service

Chevy Chase Village

The tree-lined streets and historic homes of Chevy Chase Village have made this locale one of the most sought-after residential areas. Chevy Chase Village properties exude a stately charm that requires careful cultivation.

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If you are in Chevy Chase, MD or one of the surrounding areas, Guardians can help you with all your landscaping needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.