Trees add value to your home and to your quality of life. They require regular pruning to promote healthy growth. Our Board-Certified Master Arborists will evaluate your trees for pruning needs and write the proper recommendations to ensure your trees live a long and healthy life.

Reasons for pruning:

  • Deadwood
  • Interfering Limbs
  • Sanitation
  • Shape
  • Excessive live growth

Tree Support Systems

Sometimes a tree needs our help to weather the storm. Our Board-Certified Master Arborists will also evaluate your trees for structural defects. We will install the appropriate support system to minimize the likelihood of tree failure during extreme weather events.



Unfortunately, there comes a time for the need to remove a tree. Guardians Complete Land Care will employ safe practices to minimize the impact to your property.


Stump Removal

It is not always necessary to remove a stump. Guardians Complete Land Care has the necessary equipment to remove a stump if desired. We will grind the stump, remove the grindings, and back fill with top soil.


Storm Damage

When mother nature strikes, Guardians Complete Land Care will be ready. We know this is a very stressful time for a homeowner. We will work with your insurance company to clean up your property and return your Lives to normal as quickly as possible.